Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What To Cook?

So, I have hit a mid-week cooking slump. Not enough time to cook a huge meal, but just enough time to cook something delicous. But, I am looking for that inspiration. Any ideas of your go-to favorites to cook mid-week? Thanks in advance for your inspiration and will be cooking up a storm this weekend, so stay tuned or some good recipes.


  1. Hey there!
    Mid-week always gets me too... we tend to eat a lot of stir-fry and curry, which is okay because both can be varied enough that it always seems like something different.
    Looking forward to reading your recipes for inspiration of my own :)

  2. Mid week is tough. I too tend toward stir fry, or simple pasta like parmesan with shrimp and broccoli over spaghetti noodles.

  3. there is a no-fail shepherds pie recipe under the beef tag in my blog. it can be whipped up in 1/2 hour, it's delish and comforting.